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Ethernet Cable for Networking, 1000’
Availability:Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7
Packing:1000ft/Pulling box
Conductor:Pure Copper, 23AWG, 24AWG or 26AWG
Performance:UTP, FTP, STP, SFTP
Structure: Solid or Stranded
Jacket:PVC, LSZH, Plenum
Leading time:15-20 days
Networking products influence our lives every day. Ethernet cables are utilized in everything from electronic merchant transactions, to television, and streaming internet.

Cat5E refers to Category 5 Enhanced, and consists of eight copper wires twisted into four pairs. The twists maintain a clear signal and prevent interference.  

Category 5E (Cat5E) has been the industry standard for some time, but Cat6 Ethernet can improve your network speed even further. Cat6 Ethernet has more rigorous specifications for interference, crosstalk, and signal loss 



Cat6A Ethernet cable designed to perform at twice the speed of Cat6 cable. Our augmented Cat6A cable features solid bare copper conductors and is rated to 10G. Cat6A cable can not only run up to the maximum length of 328 feet (same as Cat6 Ethernet), but maintains a stronger signal as well.

Category 7 cable, also known as Class F cable, is the cable standard for ultra fast Ethernet. It features even stricter specifications for crosstalk and system noise than Cat6A. Cat7 cable has shielding for individual wire pairs and for the cable as a whole. It is rated for transmission of frequencies up to 600Mhz, and is suitable for 10G networks.