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MU fiber optic Connector
MU fiber optic connector have push-pull function, composed of plastic housing and 1.25mm zirconia ferrules. It’s approximately half the size of SC connector,called as “mini SC,”
MU connectors were developed by NTT, and have push-pull function. The connectors are composed of plastic housing and φ1.25 mm zirconia ferrules. These products, called as “mini SC,” have high reliability and operationally same with SC connectors and adapters. MU connectors are the optical connectors which miniaturized and were advanced the density application and performance.
¨         CATV, Video
¨         Active Device Termination
¨         Telecommunication Networks
¨         Industrial & Military
¨         Data processing networks
¨         WAN, LAN
¨         Small form factor for high density applications
¨         Compact, pull-proof design
¨         Half size of SC connector
¨         Excellent performance
¨         Pre-radiused Zirconia Ferrule
¨         PC, APC type avaliable
Technical Data
MU connector Singlemode Multimode
Insertion Loss ≤0.20dB ≤0.3dB
Return Loss ≥50dB (PC)
≥65dB (APC)
Durability ≤0.20dBtypicalchange,1000mating
Operating temperature -40 ~ +80ºC

Ordering Information
Connector Cable Diameter Fiber Type Polishing Connector Color
MU 0.9mm
9/125um (SM)
50/125um (MM)
62.5/125um (MM)
Brown (SM PC)
Beige (MM PC)
Green (SM APC)